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Shock Gauges
Medical Treatment


Petty Milestones Simple & obvious
entail little risk if any
don’t break laws or incite anger in normal folks
1d10 + 5%
Intense Milestones Bend/break laws
involve deep promises or big concessions
put your life or health or reputation in serious jeopardy




Booze: Legal, popular, available at a wide variety of price points, this depressant has a long history with… well, every society, pretty much. You can take one drink an hour (more or less) without feeling it. Every drink after that puts a –5% penalty to all ability rolls, and any identity roll to mimic an ability or perform a unique task. Rolling to resist shocks? Still OK. Avatar and adept powers are also remarkably booze-resistant.
Uppers: Anything that makes you feel alert and energetic and powerful falls in this category. Caffeine and nicotine are the mild ones, unlikely to provide any rules changes. Cocaine and meth are like their badass older siblings, the ones you want to party with until they take it too far. And they always take it way too far. A serious dose of crank, or half your kid’s ADD prescription provokes jitteriness, giving a –20% penalty to any tasks where subtlety or concentration are needed. You get a +10% bonus when resisting shocks to your Helplessness or Self meters, but a –20% penalty against challenges to the Unnatural and Isolation.
Downers: These make you calm, sleepy, and relaxed. For mild sedatives, the rules for alcohol are a good match. For stronger stuff like heroin, you lose the ability to use passions, your initiative drops to leave you acting last, and any tests that require keen concentration take a –20% penalty. You do get a +10% bonus to all rolls resisting shocks, however.
Psychedelics: Drugs like LSD, psilocybin, Nexus, and MDMA are especially popular for mystics who aren’t choosy about whether their visionary insights are genuine or just chemical static in their gray matter. When your hallucinogen kicks in, you get a +10% bonus to resisting shocks to Self, Isolation, and the Unnatural, but a –10% shift against Violence and Helplessness. Moreover, if you fail a stress check while under the influence, you take two failed notches.

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